Sunday, October 21, 2012

mango magic

i was so lucky to come across a brand new in the packaging mango splitter/cutter at the second hand shop the other day.  and ... it works perfectly.  sometimes you get a super bargain.  the price - a whopping  fifty cents. :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

excited much?

yes i am.  judith muller.  israel.  hand painted glass.  i have about six or seven original bottles of her perfume from the 60s.  with perfume no less.  the bottles are individual works of art. her perfumes are exotic and rich.  i found a vase today for $4.00.  gorgeous.  and just the right size for a little posy.

mine is red/blue

this is a miniature bottle.  each bottle is different.  

Monday, March 5, 2012


very special shoes indeed.  fabulous green with a bit of shimmer.  half price too.  i probably won't wear them much but i couldn't resist them.  i suppose i can wear them as slippers.  :)  
i also bought the floral pair last week.  same applies to these, i probably won't wear them much.  my problem is that i wear orthotics and i'm a bit limited as to what shoes i can wear.  boring shoes, sneakers and, of course, my crocs.  i have many pair of crocs.  you can tell me they are the ugliest shoes on earth and i won't argue with you, but, have you ever worn them?  comfortable with a capital c.  ugly yes.  comfy yes.  i actually need a new pair. i have lots of styles but the orginals are the best comfort wise.  now for a pic of my new fabulouso shoes.


pleats on the front and little bows

i love my crocs.  please don't judge me  

Thursday, March 1, 2012

a musical pair

i'm thinking from indonesia, probably bali.   gorgeous.  they don't hang very well on the wall, i'll have to work on that.  bargain

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

four things

my neighbour gave me these cuttings.  i hope they grow.  
chopstick holders.  very cute and will make a lovely gift for a work friend

Buddha sparkle globe.  my granddaughter collects globes and i collect Buddhas

this was from a garage sale the other day.  not in great nick but i love it.  i'll put a plant on it outside.  my niece  had one years ago and i always liked it.  it's a little bit freaky i suppose but i like it  

you can't see his tail. not everyone's cup of tea i know